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TIE’s ability to grab, collect and process data to useful information is the key to its strength in the competitive business environment of the 21st century.

Representations worldwide serving as the arms, TIE gathers and analyzes economy-related data to respond quickly to its customers in the ever-changing business environment.

TIE has linked major points of information collection such as the U.S., Japan, EU, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, GCC and Vietnam through an integrated system to enable quality guidance on various projects and investments. TIE’s guidance and support on present and future prospects in various projects to clients in and out of India, is based on the past experience and present processed information that is entered into its database by dedicated professional personnel using a variety of analysis tools.

TIE provides consultancy in technology transfer to various sectors in India. In particular it has provided guidance on production, marketing and sales strategies of various groups and projects in India and the Mid-East