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TIE’s operations started in the year 1973, and has improved by every day in its commitment to the customer needs.
Our strategy is not unique, but what we deliver is distinctive. Throughout all of its 30 years of history the TIE group has moved from the common structure to the most integrated and modern operations, products and services that allow our customers to optimize their operations and link up in real time with their suppliers and customers. The result is a leap in efficiency, quality and competitiveness. We have organized ourselves in a way to make sure our customers have quick and easy access to everything they need from TIE.

In order to strengthen our internal base for business operations and management, TIE is leveraging its rich experience and competitive edge to focus on strategic lines of business. We are also exploring and pushing ahead with new business opportunities to ensure continued growth. Our highly dynamic and motivated personnel with its technological and market-oriented background are ready to successfully take up the challenges given to it.
These are but a few of the many ways in which TIE is working to become the Multi Facet Professional of Trade and Industry in the 21st century. In spite of the tremendous growth, we remain the same family-owned organization that we were in 1973.

At TIE here, we thank you, our customers, for your continuing support and interest. I hope you find your visit to our online catalogue, to be an informative and enjoyable experience. I look forward to working with you as TIE pursues its on-going quest of improved service and commitment to its customers.
Mohd Abdul Khadeer