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The first step for conducting business with TIE

In order for new suppliers to conduct business with TIE, a standardized assessment of supplier capabilities will be conducted using a common methodology. TIE’s Supplier Qualification Process provides a common approach to supplier selection globally. This process enables TIE to assess our suppliers’ quality management and environmental systems’ capabilities to ensure alignment with TIE’s overall operation strategies. Supplier qualification ultimately leads to a more competitive supply chain that benefits our customers and TIE. The overall methodology includes quantitative as well as qualitative criteria.

What TIE expects from suppliers

Optimization of our global supply base is a key element of our global Supply Management strategy. It is TIE’s responsibility to clearly communicate performance requirements to the supply base. This will allow suppliers to make improvements in key areas to better support TIE’s customer requirements. We expect our suppliers to collaborate with TIE to continuously improve quality, reduce cycle times, reduce total costs and participate in the development of new technologies. In order to fulfill these expectations, we strive for proactive Supplier Relationship Management yielding mutually beneficial results.