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TIE makes the best place to truly satisfy your professional expectations.

TIE believes that EMPLOYEE CARE always translates into customer care. In other words, meeting people’s career ambitions is the best possible guarantee for satisfying customer expectations.

We actively encourage you to grow. Therefore, you will find that management always pays a particular attention to your career development. They have thus implemented professional procedures that guarantee easier access to the many opportunities offered by the organization.

To promote and support the developments that emerge from these assessment systems, TIE has implemented an ambitious training policy and provides tailored solutions to high-potential candidates.

In order to stimulate cooperation between the various company positions, you could as an TIE employee be involved in lateral improvement projects. This would allow you to broaden your knowledge base into areas other than those for which you hold direct responsibilities.

These are some of the basic opportunities we provide you at TIE, and these are not all look around the site and get to know us. You will have a lot to benefit from your work !